Waarom kunnen mensen geen connectie meer maken?

Let’s imagine the following; Suppose humanity at one point was able to create a future where people would be free, happy and live in peace. So at least they figured out together what the ideal way of interacting with each other should be.

Now, what would that take? You could say those individuals would have to have a mutual understanding. That requires being open, kind and patient. Which is a small investment of will for each person; a small investment to do good without expecting anything in return. If you would cut across a general description through of all philosophical, psychological, political and sociological definitions, that would be termed as altruism.

Now that might sound like a difficult goal to reach for an individual, however that is not factually true; Yes, modernity does not teach people how to relate but it is in our human nature. It is the way we survived thousands of years of our existence.
However it has been a very long time ago, you and I experienced the altruism of the tribe. We have to re-learn what it means to be altruistic again; be open, kind, patient and listen to each other’s views on life. To connect again…

Arno Inen has been an entrepreneur for fifteen years where he connected people, creatives and startups. Currently he is working with a vocational school mentoring and training young digital talent to work for/with the local business community.